Explore Your Alaska

There’s a lot of ways to explore this big state. Big ship, little ship, plane, RV, kayak, on foot, the list goes on. The importantCrevasse group V thing is simply to start. The elements you wouldn’t encounter at home are a good place to begin: wildlife, land and seascapes and native culture. Of course, if you are on a ship, there are excursions that offer experiences impossible to duplicate anywhere else at any price, like these folks exploring a crevasse on a helicopter sightseeing excursion out of Juneau.

But if you are on a budget or maybe have mobility issues, exploring can be something done on just a walk around town. Here’s a store I found in Skagway a few years back; sadly long gone now, but some of its exquisite treasures like the carving of an Eskimo and a herd of muskox on a humpback whale vertebra (muskox like to array themselves in a line facing ahead when they feel threatened.) are the equal of anything you would find in a museum.

Native carvings




Ivory Muskox

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