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The Alaska Cruise Handbook and map set is our core product,¬† a 7″x9″ 288 page paperback with over 300 color photographs and maps, and includes the 22″x34″ illustrated Alaska Cruise Map.


Note: Print edition includes map, digital edition does not.


video icon 1The map has a number of these  video icons. Each links to a numbered video on the video page at www.alaskacruisehandbook.com. This is an ongoing project with more videos added each year.

The map also has milemarker numbers, which are used by the ship’s staff on many Alaska Cruise ships to announce the ship’s position as in:
“We are now at Mile 742 on the Alaska cruise map available in the gift shop.”

Page 47


From the book’s back cover:

A Rich and Unique Cruise Guide. Award winning author Joe Upton has spent 20 years exploring the NW coast as a commercial fisherman and journalist, collecting stories, taking photos, making maps and catching fish. In this book with over 300 color photos and included large map, he has assembled all the information you need for your Alaska cruise. Includes detailed information on wildlife, excursions, walks, ports of call, cruise planning tips, where to look for whales and much more. But the enduring popularity of this book is because in addition to being a fully informational guide, it is filled with Joe’s wonderful Alaska stories. Many ships annouACH backnce position with the the numbers



Map page






on the map: “We are now at Mile 742 on your Alaska Cruise Handbook map!”Story map page


The Illustrated Color Alaska Cruise Map is 22″ x 34″ illustrated and annotated with information about places up and down the coast. In addition, there is a red line on the map showing cruise ship routes. Places along the map are marked with numbers, based on Seattle as Mile Zero.

Upton works with film maker Dan Kowalski, traveling to Alaska each year to film short stories/mini-documentaries at places of interest along the coast. There are numbered icons on the map where the movies have been created, allowing the map user to view them on the video page at www.joeupton.com.

The print edition comes with the map. If you purchase the digital edition, we suggest you also purchase a map. The map that is available separately is waterproof and tear resistant.

Print and digital editions available here.

Alaska Cruise Map (just the map) available here.

map with video clip icon




Page and map samples:

Icy Straits Map