The Story Project

Dan Coney dawn

For more than 20 years we traveled up and down the coast, catching fish, taking pictures, collecting stories, shooting short movies, and making maps. When we began, Southeast Alaska was pretty much just loggers, commercial fishermen, tugboat drivers and crews, millworkers and the like: a land and a people with plenty of rough edges.

When the wind blew, we’d tuck our fishboats with others in little protected nooks and coves, and wait out the storm. And the rum bottle would come out, and stories of close calls, of hidden places, what then seemed like the unremarkable stuff of our lives and those around us.

Then in the 80s the big ships started coming. Main Streets that used to be hardware stores, grocery stores, and bars filled instead with souvenir and jewelry boutiques. On a 5 ship day, 10,000 visitors might flood the streets of a town with a night time population of a tenth that. These visitors came seeking an Alaska that seemed to us to be quickly disappearing.

So we set out to try to record and share some of the stories that we heard and drama we had seen over those many years. Simply that the new visitors who came might have a deeper appreciation of the land and people they were seeing.

Flea & net

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