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Mile 30: Leaving Seattle     Mile 125 – Leaving Vancouver    Mile 195E – Desolation Sound     Mile 208 – Young Man Goes North    Mile 212 E – Yuculta Rapids     Mile 270  – Native Culture     Mile 310 – God’s Pocket     Mile 375 – Namu     Mile 400 – Trouble in Queen Charlotte Sound     Mile 455 – The Northern Canyons     Mile 475 – Finding Bishop Bay    Mile 610 – Fish Pirate Days   Mile 695 – How Stormy Got His Name     Mile 720W – Spring at Noyes Island    Mile 730 – The Bush Pilot’s Tale    Mile 740 – Secrets of The Old Time Gillnetters     Mile 742 – Building a Home in The North     Mile 745 – Thanksgiving at Port Protection   Mile 870 – The Salmon Coast   Mile 1010 – Into The Ice     Mile 1075 – Tidal Wave at Lituya Bay      Mile 1310 – Close Call at Cape St. Elias   WN – In Wrangell Narrows



OUR STORY: In the spring of 2012 I chartered a floatplane from Juneau and flew down to rendezvous with Dan on his salmon gillnetter at Harbor Island, at the Pilot Jacques standing on the float of his Cessna 185.entrance to Tracy Arm. Dan and I traveled three hours to Fords Terror, a remote and little visited inlet, where we encountered one of the largest icebergs we’d ever seen in our many years in Alaska. Dan and I are very experienced Alaska commercial fishermen; we knew that icebergs were dangerous, could capsize without warning. And from the position the berg was in, we were sure that it was sitting on the bottom of the inlet and therefore stable.

The Bad Iceberg at Fords TerrorNo one told the berg; as we stood in the little 10′ inflatable, taking photos of that magnificent sight, near the berg, it split in half without warning right in the middle of the arch, which tipped forward and hit the water just behind our little boat: a close call.

So began a series of trips to some of Alaska’s hidden places. With the tidal current sweeping us along a sheer rock wall, Dan set up his camera in the bow of his little inflatible boat and filmed the dramatic sequence seen in Introduction, below.

On we went, into Fords Terror, Endicott Arm, Le Conte Bay, the old abandoned settlement at Cape Fanshaw, Dan’s cabin at roadless Beecher Pass. To capture stories – to share with travelers to Alaska, some of the drama and beauty of this giant state that they might otherwise miss.

So take some time to have a look at our videos – we’ll be adding more soon – consider buying the book or map. Our goal is simply to provide you with a richer Alaska experience.Dan and Melissa Kowalski, Burnt Island, Alaska, 2012

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