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Dan Joe Woodpile

Joe Upton spent twenty years traveling up and down the Northwest coast as a commercial fisherman and journalist, taking pictures, making maps, catching fish, and collecting stories. Since 1995 his books and illustrated maps have been an invaluable resource for Alaska travelers. The key to the popularity of his books is that in addition to being fully informational guides, they are filled with Joe’s wonderful and insightful Alaska stories.

In 2011, Upton began collaborating with filmmaker Dan Kowalksi, also a photographer and commercial fisherman. Each year they would spend time in some of Alaska’s hidden places, creating short film mini-documentaries about the fascinating history and stories of each place. In his most recent illustrated map of Alaska, Upton placed numbered icons on the map, allowing users to go to to view the videos.

As the number of travelers to Alaska increased dramatically, Upton and Kowalski began to see that while visitors were able to appreciate the natural wonders of Alaska, there were fewer opportunities for them to be exposed to the kind of stories and people that made Alaska such a special place. So they created this website to share with travelers as much of the drama and adventures that they had seen and participated in over the years as they were able to. Their goal is simple: to provide a richer travel experience for Alaska visitors.


Note: Paperback includes map, Kindle digital version does not, suggest getting map below.


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